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Make yourself known — start collaborating with your favorite brands and stores

Create trends, earn money

Fashion shoppers who make money
by promoting their favorite brands.

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with brands and stores

AHASHA platform was created for communication and collaboration. Choose! Uniformity and stereotypes established by others are no longer fashionable. Only personality and diversity!

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your Ahasha Rank

Ahasha Rank is an estimate of how popular you are relative to all other participants. Your rank is not only dependent on how many successful photoshoots you have made for the brands, but also on changes to popularity on other participants.

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Find your competitive edge

Like any other art, photography today is about passion and emotion and about making money. Benchmark your photos, find gaps in your strategy. Try to work only in the clothing niche that best suits your image and style.

Meet new people in the world
of fashion and beauty

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Meet nice & creative people

Make new acquaintances, increase your popularity and keep your privacy at the same time.

Join Ahasha community — have fun shopping and chatting with nice people

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