AHASHA makes dating fashionable


AHASHA combines Fashion&Dating. Fashion attracts beautiful, elegant, and stylish people from all over the world. And their photos will certainly interest millions of fans.

In AHASHA Dating, thanks to geolocation, users can find people nearby and start communication with those with whom "It's Mutual" happened. A transparent rating system and verification of personal accounts guarantee acquaintance with real people.

By accepting offers from brands, you can receive products, create content and recommend your creative team: photographers, makeup artists, and retouchers. Get on the red carpet – the Fashion tape! The higher the AHASHA Rank, the more popular you become and the more income you earn.

We allow fashion brands to send targeted offers. Users from any corner of the planet create content, increasing sales. We provide warehousing services in FBA international logistics centers. Calculate fast and profitable delivery with the help of Shipping API, which has 50+ partner courier services.

Dating, shopping, and international collaborations are now in one app! You don't have to think about how to get into the fashion world – you're already here!

Users build a career in the Fashion industry and earn money by creating content.




large audience reach

Here you will also find those who have never tried dating apps. Every woman who is open to new acquaintances, and who is active on social media, shows her real...


After the collaboration, brands verify users themselves by selecting the most high-quality content. You can't use someone else's...

lack of dogma

Don't be afraid that your photos will seem extravagant, as they might on other dating apps. First and foremost you're creating content to promote...

content variety

The brands offer good deals in exchange for photo and video content of their products. As a result, you can express yourself...

afforable usage

More free premium tools than on other apps. Find a partner and meet new people nearby thanks to AHASHA's...