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The social network for fashion and lifestyle enthusiasts. Connect with like-minded individuals, showcase your style, and turn your passion into profit. Join us now and meets with new fashion models selected by the audience and shoppers.


Why ahasha?

Ahasha is a comprehensive platform for fashion enthusiasts, photographers, bloggers, and anyone looking for a new way to shop. It offers a user-friendly interface and extensive features to explore the fashion world, build relationships, and increase income. Join now to connect with like-minded individuals and take your fashion experience to the next level.

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Our platform democratizes the fashion industry by allowing buyers, talented individuals, and creative people to influence model casting. This is a significant departure from the traditional top-down approach, where industry insiders hold all the power.

Make money in Fashion

Our platform incentivizes brands to collaborate with models and talents without prejudice by offering a bonus reward system. When a buyer selects user-generated content during the purchase process, the brand pays a commission for the sale made on the Ahasha platform.

Expand Business Connections

Our platform connects fashion industry professionals, including photographers, videographers, retouchers, makeup artists, etc to help take user-generated content to the next level. We use geolocation to connect you with professionals around the world.


More than just a swipe

Gone are the days when only brand representatives could choose models. With the new way of casting models, anyone has the right to vote. This game-changing shift is empowering consumers and revolutionizing the fashion industry.

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Frequently asked questions

Ahasha is a groundbreaking social network in the fashion industry that aims to shift power from traditional gatekeepers to the public. By changing the approach to fashion, model casting, and brand ambassador selection, this platform empowers buyers, talented individuals, and creative people to make money in the industry. This democratizes the industry, allowing anyone with a passion for fashion to participate and have a voice, which is a significant departure from the traditional top-down approach where insiders hold all the power.

Yes, Ahasha is completely free to use! We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore their passion for fashion, and our platform offers a range of exciting features and benefits to help you do just that.

Ahasha allows you to share a range of photo and video content related to your fashion interests, including your personal style, your favorite brands and products, and your experiences in the industry. Whether you're a professional fashion blogger or simply someone with a passion for fashion, Ahasha offers a platform to showcase your unique talents and interests.

Ahasha is an excellent platform for connecting with singles and flirting. Your profile is crucial in making a great first impression and showcasing your charm. By presenting yourself in the best possible light, you can attract eligible singles and even have the chance to meet a real fashion model.

Brands can notice you without waiting for messages. All brand offers are sent to your "Offers" feed. Purchasing clothes, shoes, or accessories can be an investment in building your professional portfolio. Models can showcase their posing skills and create attractive photo content, while photographers and other industry professionals can collaborate with models to create photo and video content for the brand.