We connect fashion sales with the dating community to help brands grow and succeed


Ahasha offers an innovative approach to fashion brand marketing by seamlessly integrating fashion and dating into a single platform, allowing for a highly targeted audience engagement

The concept of the project

The core principle of the project requires that brands and retailers exclusively employ customer photos in their product showcases on the Ahasha platform.


How it works

Initially, products are offered with discounts and bonuses to individuals featured in the dating feed. Simultaneously, The algorithm tally and analyze "likes" to identify the top influencers in the dating community. Upon receiving the photos and video content, brands market and sell their products to all other prospective buyers.



Dynamic Consumer Market

There are over a thousand dating apps worldwide, attracting a substantial user base, considered the most active buyers, due to the principle of "meeting by clothes." Those preparing for dates tend to frequently review their wardrobes and stay informed of fashion trends.


Engaging Men in Fashion

Men generally exhibit less interest in fashion and photography compared to women. To address this, we developed a straightforward approach - "fashion appeals to women, and women attract men" - to engage men in fashion. Upon joining a dating app, men become immediately accessible to brand offers.