We connect fashion enthusiasts with brands looking to engage with them


Ahasha is a revolutionary social network in the fashion industry is to shift the power dynamic from traditional industry gatekeepers to the general public. By changing the approach to fashion, model casting, and brand ambassador selection, this platform empowers buyers, talented individuals, and creative people to have a say in the industry. This represents a significant departure from the traditional top-down approach to fashion, where industry insiders hold all the power. Instead, this platform democratizes the industry, allowing anyone with a passion for fashion to participate and have a voice.

The concept

The crux of the project entails that brands and retailers must utilize only user-generated content on their product displays on the Ahasha platform, in exchange for offering discounts and bonuses to users


How it works

By using the Ahasha app, brands can incentivize users to create user-generated content (UGC) featuring their products by offering special terms such as bonuses, discounts, paid photoshoots, or other exclusive conditions. These offers are contingent on the user's ability to act as a model for the brand and produce creative UGC that showcases the products.



For fashion brands:

A stress-free and cost-effective way to get visual content (UGC). No shoot planning, no budget commitments. Get ready-to-use content from your customers and shoppers. Just send them your products with discounts and bonuses for sale as compensation for their work.


Engaging Men in Fashion

Men generally exhibit less interest in fashion and photography compared to women. To address this, we developed a straightforward approach - "fashion appeals to women, and women attract men" - to engage men in fashion.