With AHASHA personal account, you can:

  • get discounts on goods;
  • cooperate with fashion brands;
  • meet new, attractive people;
  • create photo and video content;
  • move up by AHASHA Rank and be in the models top;
  • get personal offers and requests.
With AHASHA business account you can:

  • attract new customers;
  • promote and sell your products;
  • increase sales;
  • receive advertising from models as photo and video content;
  • offer a loyalty system;
  • analyze user coverage, engagement and trends.

Yes, only registered Users can make orders.

To register in AHASHA, the User has to fill out the registration form. Be sure to specify:

  • full name
  • AHASHA ID (username)
  • email address or contact phone number
  • country and city
  • age.

If registration is carried out by the user through the app or web version, then there are two ways to confirm registration:

  • a confirmation code to the mobile phone number;
  • an email with a code.

To register, you must provide the following information:

  • Store/Brand name;
  • phone number or email;
  • country and city.

You also need to verify your account. Learn more about verification and its stages. - link

Personal data processing is automated (i.e. operations with personal data, such as collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, updating, modification, extraction, use, distribution, transfer, blocking and annihilation).

The user can log into the account using a mobile phone number or email. If the User logs into the account using a mobile phone number, an SMS with a confirmation code is sent to the number. To enter the system, you need to enter the specified combination of numbers and click on the "Login" button. If the User logs in via email, you need to open the email with the confirmation code and click on the "Login" button.

The data in the account entered by the User earlier can be changed.

To change the data in your account, open the application and go to "Personal profile"

- "Edit profile"

To change the data for verification, go to "Settings"

-""Account data"" - "Verification".

After making changes, click "Save Changes".

*To change your mobile phone number or email address, you need to go to "Settings" - "Account details".

Make sure you entered the correct mobile phone number or correct email address. Make sure that the device through which the User logs in is in working order and connected to the Internet. If the actions taken by the User are not enough, we recommend that you contact the AHASHA support service.

The user can independently delete the account. To perform this action, go to "Settings" - "Account data" - "Delete account". When deleting an account, all information, including personal data, photos, videos, and chats, is permanently deleted following the General Regulations on data protection (GDPR). The User can restore the account after deletion through a phone number or email.

Technical problems on the web page may occur due to server failures, an unstable Internet connection, or closed access to device functions. Please contact the technical support service if you have any problems with the web page. If your internet connection is unstable, restart your network or router. If you have not been granted access to the application, go to "Settings" , find AHASHA and allow access to the necessary functions. Please try logging in again after a while.

If the User has a problem when placing an order, please try again after a while. If the problem persists, contact AHASHA Technical Support.