Import products

You can import a file with products in CSV or XML format.

To upload it to the platform, follow these steps:

1. Select the "Products" section from the left menu. 2. Click on the "Import" button. 3. A window will appear where you need to choose the file format you want to upload (CSV or XML). Click "Upload File". 4. Optional: To update URLs by overwriting values for existing descriptors, select "Overwrite any current products with the same handle. Existing values will be used for missing columns." 5. If you have uploaded an incorrect file, click "Replace File" and then "Upload File". If the system detects errors during file validation, it will notify you (missing value, incorrect filling, etc.). 6. Once the file validation is successful, a preview of the first added product will appear. You can check if the necessary information is in the correct columns. If anything is missing, you can go back and make corrections. 7. If everything is correct, click "Import". After the file is uploaded, you will receive a confirmation email from AHASHA at the email address used to set up your account.

Requirements for XML, CSV files

To list products on AHASHA, a seller needs to prepare a product price list in XML or CSV format. This is a structured data transfer format for your products. Typically, you work in your accounting system (CMS of your website, Prom, etc.) and can export product data in the required format for AHASHA.

The maximum file size is 50 MB.

Download an example XML file

Download an example CSV file

Description of tags and data elements in XML and CSV files




*mandatory element

This is a unique name for each product. Each row in the file that starts with a different handle is treated as a new product.

*mandatory element

Short name of the product. Maximum character limit - 255.

optional element

Product description. Description should not contain links, phone numbers, addresses, service offers, promotions, prices, or images; description can be formatted using HTML tags. HTML tags can only be used enclosed in <![CDATA[]]>; maximum character limit - 255.

*mandatory element

Product Category. List of available categories at the link.

*mandatory element

Product Subcategory. List of available subcategories at the link.

*mandatory element

Product Brand (trademark/manufacturer).

*mandatory element

Product SKU.

*mandatory element

Price of the product. Whole or decimal numerical value. Use a period or a comma as a separator for the whole and decimal parts. The price will be displayed in the currency specified during registration.

*mandatory element

Product Weight. Whole or decimal numerical value. Use a period or a comma as a separator for the whole and decimal parts.

*mandatory element

Product Color. List of available colors at the link.

*mandatory element

Product Size. List of available sizes at the link.

*mandatory element

Product Quantity. Whole numerical value. The product will be in stock as long as this parameter is greater than 0.

*mandatory element

Product Image URL. Links to photos are separated by a semicolon ";". The first photo in the list will be the main image on the product page. The link cannot contain Cyrillic or spaces, and the maximum number of characters is 1000. Minimum number of photos is 1."

If you have any questions regarding product import, you can contact our Customer Support.