Payment Methods

The following types of payment are available on the AHASHA platform:

  • online payment by Visa / Mastercard
  • ApplePay/GooglePay

After making an order, the Customer should pay for the goods.

The online payment system works automatically. Problems can arise in case of failures in the payment system. If a problem occurs when making an online payment, we recommend that you wait until the problem is resolved by the bank or contact the “AHASHA” Technical Support Service.

The Customer will receive a check / invoice for the order immediately after paying for the goods.

There are two options for changing payment methods:
  • adding a new card via “Settings”

    - “Payment settings” - “Add card”

  • changing the payment method when placing an order in the Shopping Cart.
The user can change the payment method before placing an order. To do this, you must:
  • add an additional payment method in the "Settings" section

    - "Payment settings" - "Add card"

    and place the order again;

  • or choose "Payment upon receipt of goods" when placing an order in the Cart;
  • or select "Use a new card" during checkout in the Cart and add payment information.