To find a product, the Customer can:
  • use the search;
  • view the Fashion feed;
  • tune the desired filters and categories.

To make an order, add the item to your cart, proceed to checkout and follow the instructions.

The number of products the Customer can add to the cart is unlimited. It depends on the number of units of the goods from the Seller.

The Customer can pay for the order using the payment system, ApplePay, GooglePay. To pay with a bank card, you must specify your first and last name, bank card number, expiration date and CVC code. Then confirm the payment.

The quantity of goods placed on the AHASHA platform is set by the Seller. AHASHA cannot influence Sellers in their decision on the number of goods provided. The Customer can expect from the Seller the following deliveries of the goods or by using the search in the Fashion feed to find a similar product.

After making an order, the Customer receives emails with a notification that the order has been accepted, packed and delivered.

The Customer cannot make changes to the placed order. It needs to be canceled and resubmitted.

If the Customer filled out the order form correctly, making an order should be no problem. We recommend contacting AHASHA Technical Support Service if a problem occurs.

The Customer can cancel the order if they have not yet completed the checkout process. To cancel an order for a particular product, go to "My Orders"

- "Cart"

In the shopping list, select the product or products you want to cancel the order for. Select the "Remove Item"


The Customer will receive a refund for the canceled order based on the Seller's return policy, per applicable law.

To check the order number, open the "My Orders"

section in the "My Account"

or the confirmation letter by e-mail.

The invoice of the order is automatically sent to the Customer's e-mail address after confirmation of payment.

To check the history of personal orders, open "My Orders"

in the "Personal Account"

The Seller may send goods to countries covered by the AHASHA service.

To make orders on the AHASHA platform, registration is required..

Reservation of goods on the AHASHA platform is not provided.

AHASHA collects personal data, including a phone number, so that the Seller has the opportunity to contact the Customer to confirm the order or in case of problems and other unforeseen situations.