Exchange and Return

If the product is delivered damaged or not as described, the Customer may issue a return of the product. How do I process a return from an AHASHA seller? After the return is processed, the funds will be returned to the Customer's account, which is indicated in the Return form, within a few business days. If the item is damaged during return shipping because it was not packaged properly, the Seller may deduct the cost from the refund to cover the loss in value of the item.

To make an exchange of goods, the Customer needs to go to "My orders"

- "Problems with the order" and fill out the "Return of goods" form, return the goods, and place a new order. The Customer can exchange purchased items, except for those that are not subject to exchange/refund policies per applicable law. Remember that to return the goods to the Seller, the Customer must have kept the original packaging and has to fill out the Return of Goods form.

To return the goods to the Seller in Ukraine, the Customer needs to complete several steps.

1. Make sure the product is returnable

Put the product without traces of use in the original packaging. If it consists of several parts, the whole set must be returned. Make sure that nothing is lost and that you return the product in the same configuration it received. It is not necessary to send a check.

2. Fill out the "Return of goods" form

If the paper form is lost, you can find it and print it, see here.

3. Select a country (required to provide a shipping address).

4. Send the goods to the Seller at the address indicated in the instructions.

The Customer has the right to return any previously purchased product per applicable law. When filling out the "Return of goods" form, one form is available for one Seller.


Return shipping is paid by the Customer. If the product purchased by the Customer was of inadequate quality, defective, or returned because the client changed his mind, the decision to pay for the shipment depends on the return policy of the Seller.

According to the current legislation, the Customer can return the goods only in the form in which it was purchased, including without violating the integrity of the packaging.

The Customer can arrange the return of the goods to the address specified in the "Return of goods" form received from the seller.

It is not possible to return items from different orders in the same package. It is important to remember that to return the goods, the Customer must keep the original packaging and enclose the completed Return of Goods form. The return of different orders is possible subject to the fulfillment of all the requirements of the Return of Goods Policy.

According to the current legislation of Ukraine, the Customer can return the goods within 14 days from the date of receipt of the order. It must be remembered that to return the goods, the Customer must keep the original packaging and enclose the Return of Goods form.

"The seller sends a paper "Return" form along with the goods. A return request can be made in "My Orders"

You must select the order or products you want to return, and click the "Problems with the product" button. Then follow the instructions on the screen."

The form "Return of goods" is a mandatory document for the return of goods. You can find the form at the link. To find the correct address of the Seller, please contact the Technical Support Service.

Checking the return status depends on the policy of the Seller.

The Customer will receive the money for the return of the goods after the actual return of the goods to the Seller. After receiving the goods, the Seller must confirm the integrity, then carry out the return. Funds will be credited within 7 working days, according to the chosen method for receiving a refund in the ""Return of goods"" form.

Cash payment is not provided.

Under current law, the Customer cannot return underwear or swimwear. You can return underwear or a swimsuit if the products are of inadequate quality or contain a clear defect.