Size grid

Since customers are not able to try on the goods, the right size is key for choosing product categories such as clothing, footwear, and accessories. To minimize the number of returns, we have created a simple and clear table that helps customers choose the right size of clothing. We recommend that stores fill in all the necessary information about sizes on the product page. To do this, you can prepare a size grid that will open when you click on the "Size Chart" button and allow the customers to choose the right size for them.

1. Download the table template and fill in the appropriate tab(s) for your product category, being sure to specify the brand and product category (for example, "shoes for women/men/children"); 2. Go to the "Technical Support" section and select the "Dimensional Grid" item and download the document; 3. The provided size chart will be processed and added for the specified brand in the specified category.

To unlink the size chart from your products on the site, write a request to technical support: select the topic "Technical issue", write the name of the Brand in the message, and ask to remove the size chart from your products. You can also replace the size chart (in the "Contacts' section, select the "Size chart" topic → "Add an Exel file with a size chart" and replace the file with a new one).

An individual size chart is necessary if brand products have different measurements in the same category, for example, different collections, different manufacturer patterns, different years of production, etc. In this case, you can prepare a separate size chart and specify which products it is suitable.

To add a customized size chart: 1. Download and fill in the table template; 2. Create a table name according to the rule: Dimensional grid for Category + Brand; 3. Send the completed template to the technical support: section "Contacts", subject line "Dimensional grid" → "Add Excel file with dimensional grid", being sure to indicate for which brand and category you need to add a dimensional grid; 4. The provided size chart will be processed and added only for your products.

1. The size chart must be submitted in an excel file, in the form of an approved template. 2. The file name must be in the format: Size chart + Category + Brand (for example, the Size chart for ZARA women's blouses). 3. The size chart can be filled in in one language: Ukrainian, Russian or English. 4. Units of measurement of parameters - cm (centimeters) and/or inches, weight - kilograms. 5. The size values in the dimensional grid must match the sizes indicated in the products on the website. 6. It is forbidden to provide information with images added in Excel. The table must be filled with text and numeric data only.

Required parameters are those for which the size chart will not be added to the site without. Additional parameters describe the parameters in more detail and help the customer to determine the size more accurately. All these parameters are added to the template. If you have an additional parameter that is not described and is not in the template, add it to the table by yourself. The more accurate and detailed the size chart is on your website, the more likely that customers will find the product they are looking for.