Frequently Asked Questions

To use AHASHA, you'll need to grant access to your device's location while using the app or the website.


1. Open your iOS Settings

2. Scroll down to AHASHA

3. Click on Location

4. Choose "While Using the App"

App Info: We will be able to automatically detect geolocation and show your account to fashion brands that are nearby


1. Open your phone's Settings

2. Scroll down to Apps and select AHASHA

3. Select Permissions then Location

4. Choose "Only While Using the App"


This process will differ depending on the browser and platform (desktop vs. mobile) you're using

Chrome (PC):

1. At the top right, click More (three dots icon) then select Settings

2. From Settings, click Privacy & Security

3. Go to Site Settings then select Location

4. Allow AHASHA access to your location

Safari (PC):

1. Click Safari at the top of your screen

2. Choose Preferences then Websites

3. Go to Location, select AHASHA, then select Allow

4. Go back to AHASHA.com and allow AHASHA access to your location

Safari (iOS):

1. Make sure you're not in private browsing mode. Safari automatically blocks location services while in this mode

2. Open iOS Settings

3. Choose Privacy

4. Choose Location Services, then Safari

5. Make sure you've allowed Safari access to your location "While Using the App"

Firefox (PC):

1. Go to AHASHA.com

2. Tap the information icon next to the website URL

3. Go to Permissions

4. Choose Location

The app was created not only for communication and shopping but also for building a successful career. To start earning money by collaborating with brands from different countries, accept the offer that matches you in exchange for creative photo and video content. The more offers are accepted and completed on time, the higher the rating is and the more chances to receive profitable offers from brands in the future. All you need is to create high-quality, stylish content and leave a good impression on the brand. They will return to you with a new offer for further cooperation. If you are a beginner, just get started. Be creative and active to get on the fashion feed, where you will be noticed by other brands.

At AHASHA, ranking matters the most. It is your ticket to the world of fashion. The rating appears and is calculated when the user has fulfilled the conditions of the offer and closed the Deal. The higher the AHASHA Rank, the more likely it is to receive products with the maximum discount, for free and even with a commission on sales.

AHASHA Rank shows how in demand you are as a model thanks to:

  • accepted offers;
  • tasks completed on time;
  • the quality of video and photo content for the fashion feed;
  • sales of the product you advertised.

*Additionally, the rating is increased by likes in the Dating feed.

The dating feature can be used by you at will and will not affect the success of your career.

And yet in the Dating section, you will find people who are close to you in spirit, interests and values ​​by including your geolocation. So the circle of users in the Dating section will narrow down to those within the radius of your location.

Dialogue with the user is possible only in case of your mutual consent - "It's mutual".

If you have been given a Hot Like, you can respond in the same way, start a chat with the user, or ignore it.

If you ignore the request, the chat with the requested user will not open.

AHASHA cares about the privacy of each user's data.

You can switch from the Dating feed to the Fashion feed at any time. You will receive the first Offer from the moment of your registration and you will be able to respond to them by going to correspondence with the brand and discussing the details if the Offer allows it.

You will be able to receive the first Offer from brands from the moment of registration by being active in the app. By filling in the data about your parameters and height during registration or settings, you are more likely to be included in brand search requests.

The User responded to the Offer from the Brand, what's next?

  • Fill out delivery details
  • Get a product from a brand
  • Create creative photo videos within the given time limit
  • Send created content to the brand back
  • Expect feedback

Products from the Fashion feed can be purchased without participation in photoshoot. Use AHASHA application as an online shopping platform, regardless of your activity in this social network. Become a fashion shopper on our platform without taking part in photoshoots.

AHASHA is a unique platform where brands can sell their goods and models can build a career! Brands and fashion stores need new solutions to increase their sales, and online shoppers prefer content from influencers. Thanks to acquaintance and cooperation, our service offers a unique opportunity to get royalties and build a modeling career for everyone!

It's important for brands:

  • the number of subscribers;
  • likes and Hot Likes;
  • accepted and completed offers;
  • your rating;
  • popularity among subscriber;
  • relevant content in the Fashion feed.

Based on these indicators and the Top 100 influencers list, the brand can choose the right influencer for a collaboration.

AHASHA users can accept offers from brands that are interested in their profile. If the model has accepted the offer, it must comply with its specified terms. The user uploads the finished content, and then the brand decides whether to accept the completed work or not.

The target audience of our platform is men and women of different ages who are directly related to fashion, design, lead an active life in social networks and follow current trends not only in the fashion world but also in influence marketing. These can be representatives of brands and stores, designers, models, bloggers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists, media representatives and columnists, fashion fans, etc. If you have always dreamed of becoming part of the fashion world, this is your chance for a new life.

AHASHA contains the functionality of a social network with the possibility of new acquaintances and communication. This will help you find interesting contacts, get acquainted with influencers, promote the created content, and, thereby, increase your rating.

We provide a platform for fashion industry influencers to post UGC (User Generated Content) in order to change the way commercial content is produced by finding and attracting unknown but talented people. Such a policy will help brands and stores increase their awareness and sales by selectively displaying content to users who are loyal to the influencer.

AHASHA is not just a marketplace, but also a unique space for influencers, brands and users to interact. You can not only sell and buy but also get to know each other, offer your unique content, build a career and just get inspired. With us, every fashion-addicted person will find what they came for. Brands are provided with a choice of tariff plans, and newbies models have dozens of offers in which they can prove themselves.

How to create a selling / engaging Offer for a model?

If the influencer ignores the terms of the offer or uploads content of poor quality, the rating will be reduced. The brand may not accept the relevant content. You can also make a complaint in the application by specifying the detailed information.

AHASHA Rank shows the Top 100 users of the platform, the most effective for cooperation in a particular category of goods.