Offers and deals

Violation of deadlines

AHASHA strongly recommends you act responsibly in your duties after accepting the Offer. If the models do not meet the conditions on time, their rating drops and brands become uninterested in working with them. With a large number of complaints received, the system automatically deletes and blocks the account.

There are two deadlines: the offer deadline - the time during which the offer is valid (during this time the model can respond to it) and the deadline for creating, uploading content. The brand sets the date and time. The photo session offer has a 45-day deadline to create and upload photo, video content.

As soon as the customer receives the product from the brand, the countdown begins for content creation and creativity. The seller himself sets the terms for unloading photo and video materials.

Delivery services provide services for extending the storage of goods in a warehouse for an additional fee.

If the User has accepted the Offer, but does not have time to send photo and video materials, his rating drops.

If the conditions stated in the confirmed Offer are ignored, the Rating will be reduced and the User's statistics will deteriorate. The User's statistics are available for viewing by all Users of the "AHASHA" platform. With a large number of complaints received - deletion and blocking of the account.