Offers and deals

Offer Selection

Offer is a unique and personal offer to a Personal Account from a Business Account. This offer includes a description, a photo of the product, a price and conditions for the sale in exchange for the photo / video content of the product from the User.

In the Fashion feed, at the top right there is an Offer icon. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to a page where you can see all the current Offers.

There are two types of offers:

  • For sale, the terms of which may include a discount on the product.
  • For a photoshoot, the terms of which may include: non-commercial terms.
  • of cooperation, payment for a photoshoot or sales commission.

For a Business account: if the Offer with a discount was not accepted by any of the Users, we recommend you reviewing the relevance of the product, terms and conditions.

For a Personal account: if, upon receipt of the goods, the amount, including the discount, does not correspond to the one stated in the Offer, contact the AHASHA Technical Support Service.

If the Customer has received a product that does not match the one stated in the Offer, contact AHASHA Technical Support Service.

The User cannot make changes to the Offer from the Seller.

Each offer has an expiration date. Before its expiration, you must place an order for the goods.