Return Policy

Refunds Policy

If a customer returns an item, it must be returned in the same condition in which it was received, including the original packaging.

If the returned item is used, damaged, or missing elements, some sellers may offer a partial refund due to loss of value.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can return the item if the seller accepts returns, but since the item is no longer in the same condition as you received it in, some sellers may provide a partial refund to make up for the loss in value of the item.

If the item was damaged because it was improperly packaged, some sellers can provide a partial refund for the loss in value.

You can contact our tech support for assistance. Please see AHASHA's refund policy for more information.

Processing and Managing Refunds

Everything a seller needs to know about problems with an order.

If a customer has a problem with an order or changes their mind about the purchase, they will contact you. Once the customer reports a problem, you have 3 business days to resolve it. If the item is missing and was never delivered, you either need to provide additional tracking information from one of the carriers integrated with AHASHA or offer a refund. If the customer received their item but it is damaged or not as described, you need to resolve their problem (you must also cover the cost of return shipping). If the customer has changed their mind, your next steps depend on your company's return policy.

Help the customer with an item that hasn't arrived

If the customer has not received the item, they are entitled to a refund. If you can't track the package and confirm that it was delivered by its estimated delivery date, please verify that the item was sent as planned. Otherwise, please contact AHASHA Customer Service.

Process a return request

If a customer wants to return an item, your response depends on the cause of the return. If the item is damaged, defective, or not as described in the offer, it is covered under AHASHA's refund policy and you will have to refund it or replace the item, even if you do not offer a refund. If the customer changes their mind, the decision depends on your return policy.

Shipping Returns

If you accept a return from the customer, the customer must ship the item back before you issue a refund. If the customer returns the item because it doesn't match the description or was delivered damaged, you pay for return shipping, even if you don't offer a refund. If they simply changed their mind or ordered the wrong item - the issue of paying for return shipping is determined by your return policy.

Returns of items from the "Offers" section

If a customer wants to return an item purchased via an offer, they have the right to issue a return before they upload the content to the Deals section. Returns can be issued if the product does not meet the characteristics of the special offer. If the customer has already uploaded content to the Deals section, a refund can only be issued if a "Return" is a condition of the “Deal”.

Suggest a refund

Sellers can offer customers a full or partial refund up to 90 days after the transaction date. If there is an open cancellation or refund request, there is an issue with the AHASHA refund policy, or an open dispute regarding an order initiated outside of AHASHA, the "Submit Refund" option will not be available.

Resolution of Payment Disputes

In some situations, a customer may ask their bank to open a payment dispute if they believe there is a problem with their order. Learn how to resolve a payment dispute on an AHASHA transaction.

How to return an item

Pack the item.

  • Make sure the item is eligible for return.
  • Please return the item without any signs of use and only in its original packaging. If the item consists of more than one element, you must return the entire set. Make sure that everything is in place and that you’re returning the item as you received it.
  • You do not need to include a receipt.

Fill out the return form

  • Fill out the paper form if you received it with the item. If you lost the paper form, you can find and print a copy of it here. If you have any questions, please contact AHASHA Customer Service.
  • Please legibly write the first and last name of the card holder in Ukrainian on the form.
  • Make sure that you fill in all the fields.

Send the goods to the seller

  • Returns are made to the seller's address listed on the Return Merchandise Form. If the customer wants to return the item but has lost the form, he can return it to the address that is listed on the parcel. If the information on the package or form is not available, please contact AHASHA customer service.

Trading on the AHASHA platform is conducted in accordance with Resolution 70/186, "Consumer Protection", approved by the United Nations General Assembly on December 22, 2015

AHASHA would like to remind you that the following categories of goods are not subject to return and exchange:

  • corset goods;
  • gloves;
  • hosiery;
  • perfume and cosmetic products;
  • feather and down products;
  • fabrics;
  • underwear, swimwear;
  • bed linen;
  • natural and synthetic hair products (wigs and hairpieces);
  • jewelry made of precious metals, precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semi-precious stones.

Condition of returned items

Buyers may be liable for loss of value of an item if it is returned in bad condition or if the item was not packaged securely to prevent damage in transit. If a returned item is used or damaged, some sellers may provide a partial refund to compensate for the lost value. Goods returned after AHASHA verification will be delivered to the buyer without a refund if they are not presentable. Buyers who abuse the return process may be subject to liability as set out in our Dishonest Customers Policy. If they do not meet the criteria below, some products may only be eligible for partial compensation. To qualify for an AHASHA refund, you must return the exact item you purchased in its original condition.

Requirements for goods to be returned:

  • An unused, unaltered, clean, undamaged or used item in its original packaging.
  • All parts and accessories must be intact.
  • The item with original packaging: boxes, UPC, bags, etc.
  • Must include all items that were in the original packaging, such as ribbons, laces, belts, warranty and discount cards, gifts.
  • Items must have original tags and labels.
  • Must include any certificates and documents provided.
  • Items cannot be washed or show signs of wear.
  • The factory sanitary napkin must not be removed from underwear/swimwear.

Why does AHASHA have such a policy?

AHASHA is a fair selling place, so we require our customers to meet certain standards. Otherwise, we take action and protect our sellers.

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