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New business opportunities with ahasha

Regardless of what items you want to sell and what audience you need to reach, AHASHA's approach to fashion business organization will make your brand even more famous and effective due to the following advantages:

  • Customer engagement as it is: save on the production of visual content because fashionable customers make it
  • Customer retention model: retain existing customers after purchase through photoshoots with your product and next collaborations
  • Get closer to customers, and increase brand loyalty through bonuses
  • Enter new markets by attracting creative representatives of the fashion industry
  • Make discounts not because you have a surplus of goods, but because you want to see this particular model as the face of your campaign
  • No need to rent a warehouse and think about logistics. AHASHA develops FBA worldwide to make the delivery of items as fast and economical as it is possible. You are engaged in the most interesting thing — business development.

Tools for increasing brand success

Collaboration with user models will ensure maximum reach and sales growth


— a personalized proposition with product information and a purchase benefit for the model in exchange for photo and video content


— reflects the user's rating in a certain product category, depending on the number of successful transactions and Hot Likes from brands


— positively reflects on the user's rating and allows sending personal messages to others

E-Commerce Fulfillment

— service for the selection, packaging, and delivery of goods to customers around the world


— calculation of cost and delivery terms from 50+ best transport companies-partners of AHASHA


— expanding the technical capabilities of the business, attracting users with a stunning and intuitive design

Create offers - get content

Stages of a successful deal

Upload goods to the <span>online warehouse.</span>

Upload goods to the online warehouse.

Select a <span>product for sell</span>

Select a product for sell

Choose the type <span>of offer you want</span>

Choose the type of offer you want

Accept content <span>from a user</span>

Accept content from a user

Sell from the <span>Fashion feed</span>

Sell from the Fashion feed

Work with bright fashion people

Implement the UGC (User-generated content) in marketing strategy and use offers to collaborate with models.

+ 79%

buyers recognize the positive impact of UGC strategy on their willingness to buy goods

+ 88%

reaching audiences that prefer content from real users

+ 66%

new customer are attracted at the expense of loyal buyers

+ 72%

consumers want to see product photos and videos from real buyers

AHASHA is an effective way to:

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ToreccoKnitted suit

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Apply UGC strategy to your business to increase sales