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Reveal the convenience of unique business services to work in the global fashion environment.

Benefits of doing business on AHASHA

Regardless of what kind of fashion clothes you want to sell and which audience you want to reach, AHASHA's approach to organizing a fashion business will make your brand outstanding and super-efficient due to the following advantages:

  • Make discounts not because you have an oversupply in stock but because you invite a person as a model for your showcase.
  • Save on visual content production because your fashion customers can make it.
  • The opportunity to get closer to your customers through constant contests, and bonuses
  • You can find new markets that you can enter by attracting the strongest local influencers in the fashion industry.
  • It is easy to expand the circle of your consumers through the dating community, which is traditionally the most active fashion shoppers.
  • No need to rent a warehouse and organize the delivery of goods for buyers. Ahasha is developing FBA worldwide to make the delivery of fashion clothes as fast and economical as possible.

Tools to improve brand success

Collaboration with users and models will ensure maximum reach and sales growth.


— indicate the product and benefits of the purchase for the target influencer in exchange for photo and video content.


— shows the user`s rating in a specific product category and depends on the number of successful transactions and amount of likes.


— effects positively on the influencer's rating and opens a chat for a private communication.

Create offers - get content

Stages of a successful deal

Upload goods <span>to the online warehouse</span>

Upload goods to the online warehouse

Select an item <span>to sell</span>

Select an item to sell

Choose the type of offer <span>you need</span>

Choose the type of offer you need

Send an offer to an <span>influencer</span>

Send an offer to an influencer

Sell with <span>Fashion Feed</span>

Sell with Fashion Feed

Work with colorful fashion personalities

Implement the UGC (User-generated content) into your marketing strategy and use offers to collaborate with influencers

+ 79%

of online shoppers admit the impact of UGC on their willingness to make a purchase.

+ 88%

is a segment of the audience that prefers real customer content.

+ 66%

of new customers were brought in by existing customers.

+ 72%

of consumers want to see photos and videos of the product made by real customers.

AHASHA is an effective way to:

The target audience on the platform is engaged customers. Users make purchasing decisions based on how products look on real people.

Dating, rating and Super Like tools, user interaction and communication on the platform increase users’ activity and interest in the social network.

The offers system motivates users to participate in the promotion of brand products directly. Products will be in demand due to the diverse models’ content and likes from their followers.

Using the suggestion tool, a brand can find the right model anywhere in the world. Having found a suitable type, they form an image, focusing on the target countries.

The FBA service provides storage of goods in logistics centers. This allows you to simplify logistics and reduce the time it takes to deliver goods to your customers.

Business plan

Essentials 9$/month

Sales and customer service tools in one app

Professional 22$/month

Complete sales solution for any size team

Enterprise 33$/month

Unlimited sales and support

Start selling right now

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Apply the UGC strategy to your business to increase sales.