AR-fittings as an augmented reality of e⁠-⁠commerce

Place a "View in AR" button on your website or app next to the product. All the user needs to do is click on it. Now they can view and try on products in augmented reality in 1 click.

If you don't have 3D models, you can order them from us. We will quickly turn your product into a realistic 3D model. As a result, customers will be able to try on products in their space, in their exact size and scale.

Stages of development


We study the request, looking at the market and competitors. We form a proposal for the development, based on the goals and objectives of the project.

Concept and requirements

We write a detailed requirement specification describing an app functionality in detail.


We model the objects in 3D and draw the interface based on the corporate identity of the project. If there is no corporate identity, we develop it.


We write code that will be easy to maintain in the future. We develop the server part of the app.


Bug fixing and improving application's performance.


The project is ready to be launched. We upload apps to App Store and Google Play.


Make sure OS, Apple and Google updates do not interfere with apps.

Digital technology

Online shopping is becoming more popular each year and augmented reality technology can significantly increase conversion rates. Analytical studies show that 78% of respondents prefer to interact with an AR object instead of watching a standard 20-second commercial. Augmented reality allows to examine the product closer, rotate it, study it from different angles. This increases engagement, resulting in an increase in conversion rate of about 52%, according to statistical reports from major companies.

The main disadvantage of online shopping is that people can not look at the product live, touch it. AR partially solves this problem by giving the customer the opportunity to get acquainted with at least a three-dimensional model of the product. Augmented reality even allows you to try the product on yourself. The integration of E-Commerce and AR is effective both for ordinary buyers and for companies involved in sales. The former get a better look at the product, while the latter can get an increase in conversions.

For businesses to increase conversion rates and give customers a fresh customer experience. Currently, only a few companies offer the ability to interact with products using AR, so this tool is especially effective now. Augmented reality for the customer is an opportunity to explore a future purchase in detail.

Augmented reality solves the problem of unreasonable expectations by visualizing products. With AR a customer can carefully examine a three-dimensional model of anything at a 1:1 scale, choose a color, consider the texture, the style, the size - all this is reproduced in a virtual environment. Simply put, a dress can be tried on and shoes can be walked around in. An AR model increases the likelihood of getting a wholesale customer, provided the manufacturer's goods are of high quality.

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