AHASHA Rank helps fashion brands choose the right model to advertise a certain product category. This is a general indicator of user statistics — rating.

The rating depends on the frequency of showings in the Fashion feed, the quality and quantity of visual content the user has made for the brand. Hot Likes from brands in the Dating feed, attention from other platform participants and profile visits are also taken into account.

Why do models need a rating?

More profitable offers

Popularity attracts cool brands. Cooperations with them mean discounts, fashion pieces as gifts, money rewards and other great bonuses.

Fashion feed model

Fashion feed is a red carpet for stores and their products. By creating the best content for the brand, models get a chance to get on the cover of the product card. Photos and videos appear in the Fashion feed, increasing audience coverage, reactions, rating and income.

International cooperation

Models cooperate with favorite stores from different parts of the planet. AHASHA has warehouses all over the world, so delivery is possible to any country. Freedom of travel and a career are available for everyone.

Attention from other users

Users with a high AHASHA Rank attract more interesting people. Everyone wants to get to know them and collaborate.

TOP in certain category

With a high rating, you can get on the list of the best models in specific product sections. For example, in "Accessories", "Swimwear" or "Outerwear" category, if the best photos come out with these pieces.

Rating in details

User rating is an indicator of activity, openness and creativity. It plays an important role on the platform.

AHASHA's smart algorithms determine popularity of models based on the number of:

  • accepted and completed offers
  • content in the Fashion fee
  • sales based on made content
  • popularity among subscribers
  • number of Hot Likes from other users and brands

Model statistics

By comparing content performance from different models and their impact on sales thanks to AHASHA Rank, brands choose the right models for them. Users with a high rating promote the brand's goods — no additional advertising is required.

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