Rent on the go

Let's create an app for a business that provides rental services for designer clothes.

Fashion of the 21st century is built on smart consumption and comfort. Designer items and branded accessories at affordable prices are the advantage of the service for renting goods. Clients save money and look stunning at any event.

We will develop and launch an online app with the ability to browse the catalog, make a reservation and fix delivery in a few clicks.

Application functionality development

Application functions include registration, personal account, search and product catalog.

For convenience, we will create filters, notifications, loyalty programs and recommendation systems that allow you to increase the average bill.

We will integrate with payment systems, add feedback functions, product ratings and analytics tools.


Benefits of creating a clothes rental app:

  • the app is always at hand of the user in his smartphone;
  • increasing customer loyalty to the store;
  • individual setting of push notifications;
  • the average bill increases due to special offers;
  • quick order and convenient payment methods by linking a card;
  • high level of interactivity, messages, promotions;
  • simplifies the collection, processing of data and the implementation of feedback;
  • the owner receives detailed analytics, reporting and understands how the business works.

Stages of cooperation

Study of requirements and formation of a task

Studying the terms of reference, obtaining all the necessary data from the customer through consultations. Signing an agreement. Development of the general concept of the project, formation and coordination.

Testing and training

Conducting comprehensive product testing. Presentation of the results of the work, transfer of the product for testing to the responsible persons of the customer.

Project initiation

Allocation of the necessary resource of developers, the formation of stages for the implementation of tasks and the definition of a development methodology. Approval of the terms and budget of the project, determination of the format of interaction with the customer.

Pre-release preparation

Placement of the application in the App Store and Play Market. Preparation of the necessary user documentation: user agreement, privacy policy and others.

Phased development and communication of results

Development, testing and presentation to the customer of the results of work in accordance with the approved stages and schedule. Making adjustments in accordance with customer feedback.

Release and support

Prompt elimination of bugs found during the project implementation. Consultation of technical specialists of the customer. By agreement - technical support and maintenance.